About us

LECCOR LEUCHTEN GMBH has been a manufacturer of stainless steel lights and illuminated handrails since 1989 with its headquarters in Michelfeld, Baden Württemberg.
For more than 30 years we have been developing and producing timeless, high-quality lights for outdoor and indoor use.

Our products stand for quality Made in Germany, which impress with their durability and simple elegance. Since we also develop and manufacture customer-specific, special sizes up to custom-made products represent only the challenge that we have faced from day one.

Over the decades of experience in the lighting industry, LECCOR Leuchten GmbH have proven to be an energetic partner to architects, landscape architects, planners, builders, cities and municipalities, who value customer proximity, competence in project business and the highest quality.

LIGHT EXPANDS EVERY HORIZON – this is our company’s motto, which points to the two fundamental goals of our work; to promote sustainability in all work areas as well as to maintain the demand for high-quality and efficient lighting at every moment.

Handrails · Illuminants · LED · Halogen vapour lamps · Bulbs
Wall lights · Ceiling lights · Bollard lights · Light columns · Pole lights / street lights · LED Handrails · Poles · Custom luminaires